The last census by the INSEE (National Institute of Statistic and Economical Studies) has revealed that the population of Fromelles was at 884 inhabitants in 2001. With 349 residences, there are only 2 people and half in average by habitation.

We are far from the top in year 1841 : almost 1400 inhabitants. It decreased to 529 just after the 1rst World War. Then, the population increased slowly to reach 961 inhabitants at the end of the twentieth century.


The school doesn't suffer, our 4th classroom has been preserved (it wasn't the case at year 1980).

We think that the charm of our village, the quality of the teachers team, and the parents association are the cause of that.

During the previous mandate, the council has decided to launch the project of allotment of new house, which contibutes to inscrease slowly the fomelloise population.

As the mayor said during the new year wishes speech, we are looking forward that the first new houses will be set up.

To know more about Fromelles, see the information on the INSEE site


PS : the estimated population of Fromelles in 2008 increased to 900 inhabitants.